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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Morning Waffles!

Been wanting waffles for a while so I made these:

Belgian waffles with lemon curd, powdered sugar, almonds and cranberries
Waffle batter is pretty simple.  Eggs, flour, baking powder (and/or soda), milk and oil.  Flavor with a dash or two of vanilla and some cinnamon and ground ginger for that pop.  We all top them differently at my house, from Maple syrup to fresh fruits to simple powdered sugar.  I am trying to find a local place to buy Belgian pearl sugar, but it's pretty rare stuff, and I just can't see paying $5+ shipping for a 1/2lb box online.  Let me know if you have it near you and would be willing to send a box.

Cost: $6 including 1/2lb bacon
Time: 30 minutes or so, with constant waffle making
Difficulty: 3

I have a cast aluminum stovetop Belgian waffle maker.  I highly recommend ditching your electric one and getting one of these stove-top ones (unless you have a high-end waffler)

The best waffler ever!
Ready for batter!
These kind give you so much more control over the temperature, and they cook very evenly.  Crisp on the outside, and fluffy and moist in the middle, like a good waffle should be.

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