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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ham and cheese quesadillas

Back from 18 holes of disc golf, and hungry.  Time for a quick lunch.  In fact, I can't believe I'm taking time to take pictures... at least I can get the writing done later...

Quesadillas used to be more of a staple in our household, until we shifted gears with the health level of what we put into our bodies.  Seeing as how cheese is somewhere around eighty percent milkfat, it's not a good idea to base an entire food item around it.  However, it is really delicious, and in moderation, like most things, it's good for you (remember, your body does need fats to be healthy, you just have to watch how much, and what kinds)

This is also here to show that a quick and easy lunch doesn't have to involve fast food or frozen anything (actually, I NEVER eat fast 'food'... I am of the mind that it should be outlawed, and not hold the right to be called food, since there are no nutrients involved)

With all of that said, lets move on to a positive thought... like delicious ham and cheese quesadillas!

Time: 15 minutes
Cost $2
Difficulty: 2

I never thought I would be writing a how-to for quesadilla making, but here goes...  Put cheese in a tortilla, make it hot and eat it.  There. Done. That's it.

Okay.. Not in this house.... we just can't do anything simple.  For every recipe we post, we cook another two or three and they can never be simply basic.. we always have to add a little flair.  I wish I could post every meal, but I would have to quit my day job, and the blog would turn into "How to cook  gourmet food from garbage for your family over a coffee can stove while living in a cardboard box by the train tracks" and that wouldn't be pleasant.  

On that note.. let's get cooking...

Heat some butter in a pan, and toss in a handfull of diced ham, some onions and chopped fresh jalapenos. 

Toss around in the hop butter pan for a few minutes until they all start browning a bit and crisping up

While the ham and onions are cooking, let's make a little salsa to go in there.  Onion, tomato, cilantro, jalapeno and a little salt and pepper.  I'm out of limes, or I'd juice some in there too

Coarsely chop everything...

Pile up and chop together into smaller bits.. like salsa

When ham is hot and crispy, remove from pan and set aside.  Put a flour tortilla in the pan, add some ham stuff, top with cheese

Fold, cook, flip.  Make sure both sides are brown and a little toasty 

Open, add salsa, close.  Plate and eat

Lunch is served

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